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“Can-Rill Optics”has been in operation for almost a decade . During this time , we have become the largest Telecentric lens manufacturer in china , have accumulated extensive experience in the implementation of projects, have earned the trust of customers in all regions of the country and high partner status in the precision machine vision industry .

At Can-Rill , we recognized that in order to compete in the global economy , we need to advance the research and production .By invest millions per year , we bring the experts in this field together and build different factories to optimize our supply chain in order to fulfil international standards for the products that we are making ,together we provide the customers the edge they need to succeed . In china , we are on this path first .

Dream It , See it .

Harmony is the foothold of an enterprise
1.and the necessary condition of development

An enterprise, which expects to develop stronger and bigger, shall firstly become a harmonious enterprise. The so-called “harmonious enterprise” is to accord with basic interests of the enterprise and employees, since the enterprise shares weal and woe with employees. They are a community that shares honor and dishonor. Only “united, friendly, harmonious, stable and orderly” internal relationship is formed can the team be coherent, appealing and powerful, hence boosting flourishing development for the enterprise.

Improve Business by Service
Service Quality and Satisfaction of Customers

Customers are the soil for our survival and development. Therefore, sincere and heartfelt service and “customer first” are the eternal mission of our company.

Is the root of life and foundation of business

A human is not a human without integrity, a business is not going to flourish without integrity, and a country is not going to be strong without integrity, because integrity is the foundation of self behavior and the foundation of morality. Integrity is the quality of a person, as well as the source of brand value of an enterprise. It’s the base for a human to treat others sincerely and conduct honestly, which is a premise to run a good business. Reputation brings high quality and successful business. Without integrity, an enterprise is hard to survive in the sea of business.

Is the life of an enterprise and the base to make progress

When the job is finished by an efficient team, the individual ability will be played maximally after all members contributed to the efficiency of the team.

Survive on quality and develop by reputation

There is no end to pursue higher quality, so we keep improving our quality to meet demands of customers. Adhering to the principle of “quality first”, we organize development, production and sales. It’s our eternal goal to improve product quality constantly and eliminate all possible hidden dangers that would impact the quality.


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